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Building standards

We have been contracted to project manage and bring to a finish a private house which the client wants to get to a passive standard. The previous contractor had let the client down badly .I was shocke...
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Hi, Thrilled with the new results which are coming in at 1.19 m3/hr.m2 @50pa. Gavin from Greenbuild says it is equal to a half of one sheet of A4. This is a great result as it means the house will kee...
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New Pressure Test

Hi, Found a vent was open on the last blower door test and have redone the test on friday, so I will publish the results next week. Fingers crossed.
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House working as planned.

House working as planned.
HI, Just added some statistics and finish photo's to the web site .The house is performing as it should. Costs are low and the Areco ventilation system is working very well while keeping the house at ...
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Blower Door Test

Hi, Had the final blower door test last week and I was happy with the results , which were 1.9 m3/(hr.m2)@50pa. This is well within best practice which is anything lower than 3. I believe for sure tha...
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Solar Panel Tilt Angles

Hi Sorry about the first Blog on solar tilt angles as I forgot to put the C in com, there I go again conserveing energy! Here is the website again.  solarpaneltilt.com
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Solar Panel Tilt Angles.

Hi, Came across this article on solar panel tilts, I found it interesting and hope you find it informative too.   solarpaneltilt.com
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Welcome to the new website

Welcome to the new website
Just like laying the first sheet in the house, this is the first blog on the website. I hope in the future, you'll enjoy reading about our new builds and projects. Look forward to bringing our news to...
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